5 Steps to Find Your Happy

Step 1: We will begin to tackle the overwhelm to consider all the options and information that is available to you. We will also begin to find additional resources that you can connect with in your area for support. 

Step 2: We will begin to consider the information gathered and how aligned it is with your family’s value system and goals. You will release what is not serving you and focus on what is.

Step 3: You will use the information you have gathered to make an informed and empowered decision that works for your family.

Step 4: Now that you have sorted through the overwhelm and made a decision on you want to move forward, we will work together to make a plan on how to bring it into action.

Step 5: You live your plan and we work to adjust it as needed. You are able to use your intuition to respond to challenges as they arise and have the tools you need to Find Your Happy.

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